Ensuring Security in Smart Distribution

Ensuring Security in Smart Distribution

At VaultN, we enable direct, secure, and on-demand license key and entitlement transactions, helping the games industry grow revenue and optimise sales channel performance.

The security of our platform is of paramount importance, as any vulnerabilities can lead to unauthorized access, breaches, and potential losses. When it comes to the distribution of license keys and direct entitlements, security is key.

These valuable digital assets grant users access to games, dlc’s, or content they have rightfully acquired. Without stringent security measures, unauthorized access, piracy, and fraudulent activities can threaten the integrity of the distribution process.

Committed to providing a secure environment, VaultN has implemented comprehensive security measures to protect its users and their digital assets.

To ensure the highest level of security, we teamed up with Breachlock, a renowned penetration testing company. Breachlock employs a team of skilled ethical hackers who specialize in identifying potential security vulnerabilities. The partnership with Breachlock demonstrates VaultN’s dedication to proactively identifying and addressing any weaknesses in its platform already during early development phases and pilot testing.

Breachlock’s expert hackers have conducted a meticulous analysis of all elements of our smart distribution platform. They have utilized their expertise to simulate real-world attacks and identify potential security holes. The goal of this process is to pinpoint vulnerabilities that could be exploited by malicious actors. Breachlock’s findings have provided valuable insights to VaultN, enabling us to fortify our platform and ensure maximum security.

Upon receiving the analysis from Breachlock, we took action through rigorous testing, development, and implementation of security measures, we bolstered our defenses. This proactive approach demonstrates our commitment to providing a secure distribution platform.

Our collaboration with Breachlock and its subsequent security enhancements solidify VaultN’s promise to enable smart distribution in a 100% secure way. By investing in comprehensive security measures and addressing potential vulnerabilities early on, we are not only protecting the interests of our partners, but also ensure strong security for the digital inventories and the smart distribution process as a whole. 

VaultN remains at the forefront of providing a secure environment for smart distribution. Our partners can trust VaultN’s commitment to protect their digital assets and enjoy the benefits of a seamless, smart and secure distribution process.

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