Product Creation

Creating a product on VAULTN is straightforward. Start by inputting just the product name and type—here’s the process:

  1. Navigate to ‘My Vault’ > ‘PRODUCTS’.
  2. To add a game, click the plus button next to ‘GAMES’ or choose ‘ADD PRODUCT’.
  3. Fill in the details:
    • Name: Input the product (game) name—it will be displayed to your connections.
    • Publisher: Choose from the list of existing publishers.
    • Franchise: Optional field.
    • Edition: Optional field.
    • Type: Ensure ‘Game’ is selected as the Product Type.
  4. Upload Image: Here, upload the game’s packshot for the newly created product metadata.
  5. Stock: You can skip this step for now.
  6. Hit ‘SAVE’ to finalize the product creation.

*Please note that at this stage, keys are not yet available. You will have the option to add them later on.

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