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VaultN’s smart distribution platform enables direct, secure, and on-demand transactions for game keys and activations, thereby boosting your revenue.

VaultN Smart Distribution Preview

The Digital Bridge for Game Key Distribution

VaultN provides real-time visibility and control over products across your entire digital supply chain.


Digital distribution made possible through state-of-the-art technology and high-level automation.


End the grey market and bring substantial business and revenue back to official channels.


Gain control of new distribution channels and create additional revenue streams.


Minimize the risk of human error and make reconciliation an easy process.

Partner Network

Connect with new industry partners through the power of our API-based platform.


Safely store digital assets in your private vault and benefit from our secure, penetration-tested environment.


Distribute your digital assets to partners and trusted third parties: securely, directly, and on-demand.


Create and manage your own encrypted vault and supply chain networks for secure game key transactions.


Gain automated audit access, providing complete transparency to IP creators.


Ensure the security of your game key and activation transactions with VaultN.

“Using VaultN empowers us to gain real-time insights into global sales from our direct partners.”
Mark Holleman
Director 3rd Party PC Digital Distribution & BLX and Export markets

Self-Service Distribution

Manage Game Keys, Keyless Activations, Product Codes, and Digital Assets in a new and automated way, once they are outside your company walls.

“VaultN can enhance your bottom line by giving you the choice of who sells your games, where and how it is promoted.”
Control who sells your game, where and how
“VaultN’s automated on-boarding and traceable platform enables your operational resources to focus on support and service.”
Enjoy an increased focus on service and marketing
“VaultN offers a robust and secure solution for the management and distribution of digital games and software products."
Get access to a broad range of content
0.5 M+
API Calls
450000 +
SKU’s on Platform

Make Digital Games Distribution Actually… Digital

The growth of third-party distribution in the gaming industry poses challenges for everyone, whether you are a publisher, developer, distributor or retailer. VaultN is the solution to these challenges.

VaultN SaaS Platform

From Indie to AAA

VaultN is a trusted solution for publishers, retailers, and distributors within the games industry. It’s the only platform that automates all operational aspects of game distribution, including game key, activation or product code distribution, catalog management, and automation of pricing and promotions.

Request Your Invite

Discover how VaultN can streamline every aspect of License Key and Digital Goods Distribution for you. Request an invitation to our beta and experience the future of automation with a personalized demo from our team.

“All in all, it's a very good and straightforward API integration. In fact, I love straightforward integrations. There's no crazy stuff to be done.”
Chris Vandebroek
June 4, 2024

Team17 Chooses VaultN.com for Smart Distribution

May 14, 2024

VaultN Lands $1.6M In Seed Funding To Revolutionize Digital Distribution

March 13, 2024

VaultN Gears Up for GDC 2024 in San Francisco!

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